Access Programs

The Whitney invites visitors of all abilities to experience the richness and complexity of American art in an inclusive, welcoming environment.

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Access Services

Prepare for your visit by learning about access services offered at the Whitney

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Verbal Description and Touch Tours

For People Who are Blind or Have Low Vision
Engaging, multi-sensory tours combine vivid verbal description with opportunities to learn about art through tactile exploration.

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公益福彩appWhitney Signs

Tours in American Sign Language
公益福彩appGallery tours in American Sign Language are led by expert Deaf educators, and are offered with and without voice interpretation.

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Family Fun for Kids on the Autism Spectrum

For families with kids ages 6 and up
Download our social narratives and find out more about this hands-on artmaking program for families with kids on the autism spectrum.

Free for all participants. Registration is required.

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All Upcoming Access Programs





A 30-second online art project:
Kristin Lucas, Speculative Habitat for Sponsored Seabirds

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The Whitney is closed temporarily. Read more.

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